The Importance of Getting a Dental Implant if You’re Missing a Tooth

The Importance of Getting a Dental Implant if You’re Missing a Tooth

Whether you’re missing one tooth, a few teeth, or all of your teeth, our team at Palmieri Dentistry here in Mooresville, North Carolina, has a restoration solution for you, including dental implants.

In this article, we dive into the many advantages of replacing missing teeth with dental implants. 

Why get a dental implant to replace missing teeth

Accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Roberto Palmieri is an expert at restoring the form and function of your smile. Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant provides more than just a cosmetic benefit, although that’s certainly part of it. 

Dental implants prevent jawbone atrophy

Jawbone atrophy refers to bone deterioration (loss) associated with tooth loss. Normally, your tooth roots stimulate your jawbone to keep it strong and healthy.

But when you’re missing teeth, your jawbone doesn’t get the stimulation it needs. Over time, your jawbone may suddenly stop growing and begin to deteriorate. 

Unlike other replacement options (such as traditional dentures), dental implants help prevent jawbone atrophy. That’s because the titanium post that anchors your dental implant continues to stimulate your jawbone.

Dental implants improve the functionality of your mouth

Dental implants restore your ability to chew and speak normally, which can be more difficult when you’re missing teeth. 

Each of your teeth has a specific function when it comes to eating. Your molars grind and mash food, and your incisors cut food as you bite into your meal. When some (or all) of your teeth aren’t there, it can severely limit the types of food you enjoy.

Your teeth also play a role in your ability to form various sounds, and missing teeth can make it hard to speak clearly. By replacing missing teeth, especially anterior (front) teeth, you can be more easily understood when you talk.

Dental implants keep your natural teeth from shifting

When you’re missing teeth, adjacent natural teeth can shift to fill in the gaps. You might experience bite issues if you don’t replace a missing tooth. Teeth shifting might also cause pain and lead to gum disease. Implants keep your remaining teeth from moving.

Dental implants help restore a more youthful appearance

Your teeth support your cheeks, and missing teeth can lead to a sunken facial structure. Not only can this impact your self-esteem, but it can make you feel older than your years. Dental implants restore a youthful appearance by eliminating that sunken appearance. 

Dental implants can boost your confidence

Missing teeth can be frustrating and embarrassing, and dental implants are a great way to boost your confidence. Because your dental implants are expertly designed, your new smile is beautiful as well as functional. 

Get started with your dental implant consultation today

Regardless of why you’re missing a tooth — severe decay, damage, and oral trauma are common causes — know that we have a solution for you.

Book your dental implant consultation at our Charlotte-area office. You can reach us at 704-247-6276 or via our online form. 

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