Rotary Endodontics

Rotary Endodontics is a way of performing root canal therapy with a special handpiece that is designed to make the process faster and easier for Dr. Palmieri and, most importantly, for you. The flexibility of the tool allows it to be inserted deep into the root canal without damaging or stretching the passageway, keeping you far more comfortable throughout the entire procedure.


The DIAGNOdent laser caries detector helps Dr. Palmieri diagnose dental decay more effectively for earlier diagnosis and better treatment planning. The DIAGNOdent finds decay under the surface of the enamel that X-rays don’t show. The process is pain free and does not expose patients to radiation. It also gives Dr. Palmieri an exact idea of how large the cavity is, allowing for a more precise plan of action.

Intraoral Camera

Using an intraoral camera, Dr. Palmieri can get a more precise picture of what is going on inside your mouth, especially in the areas not visible to the naked eye. Our intraoral camera assists us with proper diagnosis and treatment planning by producing close-up images of the gums and teeth.

Photo Studio

We have a complete photo studio in our dental office to take high-quality before and after pictures of our patients. We also use our photo studio with our Digital Design Studio Simulation, where patients get to see what their results will look like before starting treatment. At the end of treatment, we compare the before pictures and the simulation pictures with the actual final results.

Planmeca CAD CAM Same-Day Crowns

One of our favorite pieces of equipment is the Planmeca CAD CAM, a machine that takes digital impressions of teeth and creates natural-looking, perfectly fitting crowns right in our office. With this remarkable machine, we can make a permanent crown in just minutes, preventing patients from having to wear an uncomfortable temporary crown while they wait weeks for a dental laboratory to make their permanent one. It also means that patients only need one visit to get a crown placed. What a time saver!
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3D X-Ray Technology

3D X-rays take a complete image of your mouth instead of multiple 2-D images. This technique takes less time and gives Dr. Palmieri more information about what is going on in your mouth because it captures more angles. Additionally, 3D X-rays are much safer than traditional film-based dental X-rays. Dr. Palmieri uses 3D X-ray technology for highly accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, restorations, dental implants, and same-day crowns.
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Soft Tissue Laser

Experience a more comfortable procedure with our soft tissue laser. Soft tissue lasers are becoming more and more popular in dental offices due to the many benefits they offer, such as less bleeding and swelling during and after procedures, greater accuracy and precision, less trauma, less noise, and virtually painless procedures. Patients with dental anxiety especially benefit from this method because there are no loud sounds associated with dental lasers.

Dental Electro Surgery

Dental electro surgery is another alternative to traditional scalpel methods. Electro surgery is great for very precise and narrow cuts, with far less bleeding and swelling and faster recovery. In addition, the electrode wire can be bent for ultra-precise gum contouring, smoothing soft tissue, and contouring irregular palatal areas. It also provides a nearly painless experience for the patient.

iTero Dental Scanner

For highly detailed 3D images of teeth and gums, Dr. Palmieri relies on the iTero Dental Scanner, a handheld intraoral camera that takes digital impressions in just minutes. The iTero scanner creates high-resolution 3D images that Dr. Palmieri uses as a basis for Invisalign®, dentures, crowns, teeth whitening trays, implants, and so much more. The images are available immediately and can be stored in your file for future reference and as a record of treatment progress.

SprintRay 3D Printer

3D printing is the fastest way to make surgical guides, mouthguards, and other dental devices. Instead of waiting weeks for an appliance to be manufactured in a dental lab, Dr. Palmieri can 3D print it within hours, right in the office, not only saving time, but also saving on treatment costs.

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