Please, Don’t Ignore Tooth Pain!

When you have an infected or severely decayed tooth and do not seek treatment, the infection can spread deep down into the root of your tooth where the living tissue is causing major pain and making it difficult to eat, speak, and function overall. Not to mention, an infection deep in your tooth can spread to your gums, other teeth, and even into your bloodstream if you do not get treatment to eliminate it.

When a tooth becomes too damaged from infection and decay, there is no other alternative than to extract it, which is never ideal for your oral health. Root canal therapy is typically the last resort to save a severely damaged or infected tooth before it’s too late, so when Dr. Palmieri recommends it, he knows that it’s the best way to effectively relieve your pain and prevent serious health complications.

Why You Might Need Root Canal Therapy

There are many possible causes of root inflammation and infection that require root canal therapy:

  • Deep tooth decay from poor oral hygiene and diet
  • Too many intense dental treatments
  • Untreated chips, cracks, or breaks from trauma
  • Nerve damage
  • Abscess

What to Expect

Dr. Palmieri often uses Planmeca® 3D X-rays to confirm a diagnosis of misshapen roots due to inflammation or infection. He typically numbs the treatment area with a local anesthetic, even if the nerve is dead, just to ensure your comfort.

Next, he shields the sides of your tooth from saliva with a small rubber wrap before drilling a tiny opening between the cusps of your crown.

Dr. Palmieri will use progressively wider surgical files to extract infected or inflamed pulp from your root canals before flushing them with a cleansing dental solution.

For severe infections, Dr. Palmieri may add a medication before closing the hole with a dental filling — sometimes a temporary filling followed by a permanent one during a follow-up visit — and applying a surfacing sealant.

Oftentimes, Dr. Palmieri finishes the root canal treatment with a dental crown to ensure the tooth is strong, functional, and natural looking.

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

Excessive pain from modern root canal therapy is a myth. Advanced tools, anesthesia, and innovative techniques make undergoing treatment about the same as a routine filling.

Dr. Palmieri and his staff have mastered the latest methods of root canal therapy and pain minimization, so there’s nothing to fear. Additionally, while you’re being treated, you can take advantage of the amenities we have to keep you comfortable, like warm blankets, headphones, and more.

Eliminate Pain & Restore Your Oral Health with Root Canal Therapy

To learn more about how easy root canal therapy is and to see if it’s the solution to your severe toothache, call or book an appointment online.