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Can It Improve My Smile?

During your initial appointment at Palmieri Dentistry, we will discuss your goals for your new simile. We're sure that you have ideas for you'd like to improve your smile. When you meet with Dr. Palmier and our cosmetic dentistry staff, we can discuss all of your treatment goals After viewing examples of prior cosmetic dental treatment results, you can choose all the aesthetic options for your new smile. Taking into consideration your entire facial shape, Dr. Palmieri will create the absolute best smile to match your facial features. We will study the photographs and digital analysis of your teeth to come up with an appropriate treatment plan that fits your needs. We will then present computer-generated images, allowing you to see the results of your new smile.! When you are satisfied with your individualized cosmetic dentistry plan, our staff will begin the treatment process.

What is Digital Smile Desing? 

Having a beautiful, healthy smile is key to achieving overall dental wellness and confidence. Digital smile design uses photography, video, and computer software to create and share a patient's ideal smile makeover. This state-of-the-art process allows patients who have been hiding their smiles due to dental flaws to see what their smile would look like after one (or more) of our cosmetic dentistry procedures. The use of video analysis helps us see how your smile relates to the natural movements of your face and mouth, as opposed to just a singular smile «-ray. You will design the smile of your dreams alongside Dr. Palmier by previewing the length, shape, color, etc. of your teeth using smile design analysis A customized treatment plan will take place based on your decisions and needs.

Creating Your Perfect Smile

Through the use of our cosmetic dentistry treatments such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and teeth whitening we will create your beautiful smile over the course of one or more appointments. The results of the procedures are nothing short of amazing, as you choose them yourself! Digital smile design allows us to create beautiful smiles for every budget with a variety of materials and treatment options.

Digital Smile Design Simulation

With the Digital Smile Design Simulation, our dentist takes high resolution photos of your smile, and using the software, creates your new smile. This technology allows the dentist to make symmetrical and precise measurements for the best results possible. This also helps the patient see the possibility of certain dental treatments. In the end, the Digital Smile Design Simulation is a great tool for both the dentist and the patient. The patient can see what results their investment will give them and the dentists will know their exact goal with the procedures.