What Are Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Sometimes called chair-side crowns, same-day dental crowns are natural-looking restorative caps made and applied in just one sitting, eliminating the need for multiple appointments.

Designed and handcrafted to replicate the original look and feel of your tooth, a dental crown is fabricated from porcelain, resin or metal (such as stainless steel or gold).

Benefits of a Dental Crown?

A dental crown allows Dr. Palmieri to save a tooth that would otherwise require extraction. Other benefits of having a crown include:

  • Repair cracked or decayed teeth
  • Protect root canals from fracturing
  • Eliminate chewing pain from a cracked tooth
  • Restore damaged or missing cusps
  • Guard against wear and tear from acid reflux or habitual grinding
  • Fill in small spaces between teeth and reshape your smile
  • Rejuvenate worn and significantly stained teeth

Advantages of a Same-Day Crown?

Compared to a conventional dental crown, there are many advantages to a same-day dental crown:

  • Faster restoration (just one office visit)
  • Less drilling and filling
  • No temporary crown needed

What to Expect

The procedure for a same-day dental crown is essentially the same as a traditional crown, but without the waiting. It only takes 1 office visit to repair your tooth and place the crown.

Digital Technology

No trays of goopy, messy impression material, Digital Scanning is much more comfortable, doesn’t trigger the gag reflex, and is much faster to perform. Instead of using putty to make a physical impression of your teeth and a temporary crown, Dr. Palmieri takes a 3D digital scan and uses a CADCAM machine to fabricate a highly customized crown in just minutes.

Precision Restorations

You will receive your precisely milled, custom-made crown the same day, reducing the amount of time you may miss from work or with family and friends.

Is a Dental Crown Painful?

With local anesthetic, a dental crown procedure is virtually painless. Our office also offers amenities to control anxiety, such as noise-reducing headphones, Netflix, and warm blankets to make the experience as comfortable as possible. You may experience minor discomfort in the hours after the anesthesia wears off, but it should resolve within a day or two.

Same-Day Crowns for Faster Restorative Dental Treatment

If you need a crown and to see if a same-day dental crown is right for you, call or request an appointment online today.