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When you’re suffering from a severe toothache, there’s a fair chance you need a root canal treatment. If you’re in or near Mooresville, North Carolina, don’t delay in consulting Dr. Roberto Palmieri and his team at his state-of-the-art dental office, Palmieri Dentistry. With concierge-level service in a spa-like setting, this common procedure is a more comfortable experience than you think. Call for an appointment or book one online to remove the infected tissues and find relief before your problem worsens.

Root Canals Q & A

What is a root canal?

Also known as endodontic therapy, root canal therapy extracts an infected or inflamed pulp from the root of your tooth.

Root canal treatments are often essential for restoring your oral health, so whenever Dr. Palmieri recommends the service, it’s the only way to effectively alleviate your pain and prevent serious complications, like losing several teeth or swelling in your face, head, and neck.

What causes the need for root canals?

There are many possible causes of root inflammation and infection that require root canal treatment:

  • Deep tooth decay from poor oral hygiene and diet (sugary and acidic)
  • Too many intense dental services
  • Untreated chips, cracks, or breaks from trauma
  • Nerve damage
  • Abscess (bacteria-filled pus at the bottom of your root)
  • Complications like face and neck swelling

How does root canal treatment work?

Dr. Palmieri often uses Planmeca® 3D X-rays to confirm a diagnosis of misshapen roots due to inflammation or infection. He typically numbs the treatment area with local anesthesia, even if the nerve is dead, just to ensure your highest level of comfort.

Next, he shields the sides of your tooth from saliva with a small rubber wrap, before steadily drilling a tiny opening between the cusps of your crown.

Dr. Palmieri uses progressively wider surgical files to extract infected or inflamed pulp from your root canals before flushing them with a cleansing dental solution.

For severe infections, he sometimes inserts a medication before closing the hole with a dental filling -- sometimes a temporary one followed by a permanent filling during a follow-up visit -- and applying a surfacing sealant.

Oftentimes, Dr. Palmieri finishes the root canal treatment with a dental crown service to ensure your tooth’s optimal strength, function, and cosmetic appeal.

Is root canal therapy still painful today?

Today, excessive pain from root canal treatments is a myth. Modern tools, anesthesia, and innovative techniques usually make the service as comfortable as routine fillings.

Dr. Palmieri and his staff dedicate themselves to mastering the latest methods of root canal therapy and minimizing discomfort, so there’s nothing to fear.

To learn more about how easy root canal treatment is, and to see if it’s the solution to your severe toothache, call or book an appointment online.