Smile Makeovers

Every patient’s smile journey is unique

Monica’s Story

As a little girl, Monica loved eating lemons, which over the years destroyed the enamel on her teeth. Monica became very self conscious of the appearance of her teeth as she got older. After hearing about Dr. Palmieri through a family friend, she traveled from Italy to NC to embark on her smile makeover. Veneers allowed Monica to regain her confidence as well as a beautiful smile.

– Monica

Kayla's Story

Kayla had congenitally missing teeth, meaning the teeth never developed. As a young woman, she desired to have a beautiful smile. After completing orthodontic treatment, implants were placed to restore the missing teeth providing Kayla with a natural looking, beautiful smile.

– Kayla

Kayla's Story
Bobby's Story

Bobby's Story

Bobby came into the office concerned about the decay on his teeth from years of drinking soda. Due to the embarrassment of the visible decay and wear of his teeth, he no longer smiled. By doing composite veneers, Bobby’s smile was enhanced and he is now able to smile again.

– Bobby

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